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Everyone has their own preferences for color, some people like pink, others like blue, yellow, white… Each color has a different meaning and through color one can know personality. How is yours.
If your favorite color is red, you live with high energy and determination. You tend to act more than words, aiming to get to the bottom of things. At the same time, you love risky activities and know how to take risks. You desire to enjoy life with all your senses. Your greatest need is the desire to be perfect both physically and mentally.

Red is the color of passionate emotions, abundant life energy and dynamism. People who like this color type are often those who have an impressive form, know how to create a special attraction to the opposite sex. Normally, men often fall in love with women who like to wear red, even though the girl is not really beautiful in a forest of beauty. Not only that, this type of person seems to like power and always wants to be in control and directing. When a person chooses to wear this color, they secretly tell you about their confidence, and at the same time show you the strength and courage that overflows in their will, and entices you to follow.

If you love purple, you are a perfectionist, yearning for faithful love, always requiring safety and high discipline in all areas of life, including spiritual life. At the same time, you are also an active humanitarian activist, always ready to help others when they need it.
If you love pink, it means that you are always happy and optimistic. You are naturally romantic and sensitive. All you want in life is to be cherished and loved unconditionally.

Nails Salon 23321 - Happy Nails & Spa - The best nail salon in Chesapeake

At work, people who like pink often quietly find themselves the best way to approach problems and come up with their own solutions. With this personality, they are often judged to be a bit slow. In fact, this colorist often looks at life through rose-colored glasses, and as such, they always have high hopes for the complete success of everything that happens, even though the reality may not be so perfect. With the people around, they often appear shy, but behind that is a rather smart and sensitive head.

Orange is the color of nature, and so these people are, by nature, extroverts, preferring to immerse themselves in the world around them to feel and explore. Instead of sitting alone in the house, enjoying the silence, they go to the natural world and create relaxation for themselves. If they are unfortunately forced to stay at home, they may get sick. With their nature, people who like orange are especially fond of animals, travel and… farming.

Nails Salon 23321 - Happy Nails & Spa - The best nail salon in Chesapeake

If you love the color blue, it means that you always want to find the truth or a peaceful place in your soul, to be true to your ideals and firm beliefs. Therefore, you always strive to understand people's thoughts and needs.

Nails Salon 23321 - Happy Nails & Spa - The best nail salon in Chesapeake

You are sincere, open and very frank with people. You like the feeling of familiarity, safety, love, and being loved.
At the same time, you consider fame a very important part of your life. You want everything you do to be accepted and appreciated by others, even a thank you is enough to make you happy.
Green is the color that represents the Wood element in feng shui. This is also the most suitable color for the people of the Wood destiny, bringing a lot of luck and auspiciousness.

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